Functional Nutrition

Are you confused about the conflicting nutritional information you hear?

Want to know how to consistently create nutritious & delicious meals in minimal time?

Do you struggle with how to eat healthy in your busy life?

Do you want help designing a simple & nutritious  eating plan that dramatically increases your energy level?

Are you wondering what to eat to make you feel your best?

Have you ever wondered how to eat to promote restful sleep?

Do you want help creating a sustainable eating plan that helps you lose weight without knowing you’re on a diet?

Want to curb your carb craving for once and for all?

I invite you to have a free consultation to determine if we are the right fit for each other to support you in making the nutrition changes you are now ready to make.

In designing a program for you, first complete the intake form (link below).

Know that because each person is unique, no one nutrition plan will work for everyone. Age, height, weight and gender are just a few factors that determine individual nutrient needs. Other aspects such as physical activity, special needs, family health history and present health conditions require further specialization. I take all of these factor into consideration when creating a personalized plan that aligns with your specific health needs and goals.

Additionally, I assess clients’ current eating habits, develop meal plans and share the  latest nutrition research As we continue to meet, I monitor your progress through various assessments, offer encouragement and recommend additional dietary changes to help achieve your goals.

I also help you develop a healthy diet that strengthens your immune systems to reduce your chances of contracting common health conditions like colds, headaches and the flu.

Download the Health Intake form.

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