Be Healthy: Simple Self-Care for Vibrant Health

JSJ handLet’s begin! For years I’ve wanted to create a vessel for sharing the compilation of my incessant and passionate health research, lifelong health practices for boosting energy, and inspiring personal stories that motivate you to get healing. Eckhart Tolle, a renowned personal growth author, purported that the higher the ‘pain body’ (mental, emotional and physical challenges and obstacles), the greater the likelihood for transforming our lives.

Most of you already have a treasure trove of practices for improving daily health. So what prevents you from implementing them?  Confusion about the latest conflicting health advice? Too busy? Inflicting self-guilt for taking too much time for your own needs?

Self-care offers a multitude of benefits in many aspects of one’s life and of those we love. Remember the airlines slogan “put your oxygen mask on first” before helping others? Self-care is self-preserving and reminds us daily about the realm of the possible.

Self-care is found in the small moments of life—taking a deep breath because you’re stressed, cranking up Aretha (does this date me?) and swaying those hips for a song or two, or lying on the floor with the sun beaming in the window in the dead of winter next to your sweet dog. Self-care does not need to include an expensive spa vacation, nor does it need to take hours a day.

These simple Jin Shin Jyutsu© and nutrition self-care practices will help you to reset your body and mind to support health and happiness. You’ll learn basic strategies for addressing your specific health concerns through the combination of nutrition and touch, including hand placement for specific health issues and the corresponding nutrition support and recipes.


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