Meet Susan

Susan M. Brooks, PhDI developed a fascination for the health and medical world at an early age, when I accompanied my father on hospital rounds visiting his patients and their newborns, and pored over his medical journals studying the colored charts and graphs from the latest medical research.

Born with a contagious dose of Pollyanna optimism, over the years I  attracted eclectic and impactful mentors who greatly influenced my healing philosophy.  In high school, I worked for a diabetic florist who shared her natural foods methods for balancing blood sugar.  For two summers I  lived and worked for an inspiring elderly couple on a beautiful farm in Martha’s Vineyard, who taught me the value of  organic gardening, growing trees from seed, Adele Davis nutrition, churning ice cream by hand, and meditating. (The farm is now the Polly Hill Arboretum).

In my twenties, I learned firsthand, through personal health crises, of the body’s profound resilience and of the inextricable link between mind, body and spirit.  As a health practitioner and educator for 35 years, I am humbled by the hundreds of clients and students I have worked with who have endured unspeakable hardship and health crises, yet through their commitment to transformation and wellness, continue to thrive,  and enjoy increasing health and vitality. My work focuses primarily with clients who are deeply committed to partnering with me in actively participating in their daily well care.

As a perpetual and passionate student, I continue to take classes, read, research,  synthesize, and develop teachings about simple healthcare practices as well as devise easy-to-implement strategies. I create individualized daily plans for each client with specific acupressure routines, nutrition suggestions, and lifestyle  choices resulting in a profound, sustainable impact on their well-being and health. The outcome?   Enhanced quality of life, health and vitality. I consider the time with every client and student as sacred and a gift.

With a PhD in Health Sciences and an MS in Exercise Physiology, I  have worked over the years with many populations—including pregnant women, newborns, children, elderly, homeless, terminally ill, mentally ill, teachers, those with learning differences, medical doctors, chiropractors, nurses, lawyers, pilots, firefighters, and policemen.

I live with my dear husband (for over 30 years) and daughter (17 yrs) in Colorado. When not with family or clients, I  hike the foothills of Boulder, CO, raise guide dog puppies for the blind, tend our organic garden and fruit orchard, and forever explore new ways of creating healthy and delicious meals.

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