What Clients are Saying


“I first met Susan when I went to her six years ago for Jin Shin Jyutsu. Over the years she has become a dear friend, confidante, and nutritional adviser. With her insight and innate wisdom she has always known just what I needed, and found a way to give it to me. With both Jin Shin Jytsu and nutritional advice she has guided me to change and helped me be my best self. I leave our time together feeling peaceful and in tune with myself.  I am in awe of her knowledge base, her humor and love, and consider it an honor to have her in my life”.
Lauri A. CO

“I feel so good afterwards, like a burden has been lifted off of me”.
Rose O. , CO

“I realize that JSJ is unlocking more than just physical and emotional blocks. It has also unlocked a social block – talking. Susan is the first person I have felt comfortable enough to talk to about my daughter, her birth, and myself in 4-5 years (besides my husband)! I realized today that I haven’t spoken to anyone about anything that was important to me and central to my life for a long time. Thank you!”
Colette B, (mother of daughter born with spina bifida) CO

“Your loving, skillful presence is a gift.”
Fran H, MD,  FL

“You inspire me to be all that I desire. Your practice of ‘living the art’ is priceless and an inspiration.”
Virginia S, CO

“I deeply appreciate the peace, balance, the stillness and the rest your sessions bring  me.”
Rita B, ND

“Thank you so much for my treatment yesterday. I honestly don’t typically open up quite that easily and so candidly. Your peaceful treatment room and your calm, intelligent manner prompted me to open and be as truthful as I felt from my core to get the optimum healing benefit.  I am grateful for the techniques/ideas you showed me that I can do at home.”
Sandra C, MA

“You have helped me take control of my life physically and mentally, but also have helped me so much more by being there to listen to me and help me to understand what I’ve been going through for the last 6  months. Your soft and caring ways are so much appreciated.”
Jeannie C, OH

“Thank you for being yourself, your humility, your laughs, your spontaneous presence.”
Betty W, MA

“I went home after your session and read and rested and drank more water, like the good patient I am. I felt the physical shift, I went to bed and had the first good night’s sleep in weeks. No pain, roll over, no pain. It felt miraculous.”
Anne B, NY


“I am breathing more fully into the places I was fearful to go. My spine feels more erect. I am more at peace with myself at a level not experienced before. I am transformed!”
Maddie D,  CO

“Thank you so much for a delicious 5 days. I am well nourished, but never sated and look forward to more.”
Janice V, TX


“The daily self-help JSJ practice my daughter now does on herself is one of her strongest tools for helping her through this journey”
Melinda H,  (daughter diagnosed with leukemia, graduated from college and cancer free) CO


“Since I was present at your first class over twenty years ago class when you made  your fledgling presentation, I got a wonderful perspective of seeing you now in full health. It is sweet the way you highlight your daughter when you roll the credits for that journey.”
Dick S, CO

“You should know without question, without hesitation you are a gifted teacher.”
Michael W, AZ

“In the words of Rebecca Wells in Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood “you taught your ass off.” Few have the talent of making everybody believe they will eventually learn.”
Judy A, LA

“Incredible intuition and guidance – amazing inspiration.”
Jackie B, CA

“Gentleness, grace, spunk and light are the words you model.”
Caryn M, CA

“I am filled with joy, laughing from how much I have learned and how little I know.”
Christine B, CO

“I appreciate your patience in clarifying to us.”
Kristine J,  CO

“Your class was a critical gift in my divorce recovery.”
Diane O, CO

Words from students who have attended my classes….

wisdom/clarity/deliberate pace – not too fast  ~ not too slow/real/intelligence/open heart/embodying the work deeply/fabulous hand-outs/ enthusiasm/ inspired/ inspiring/humble/sense of humor/elegance/eloquence/understanding/steady/thorough/generous/warm/joyful instruction/focus/open heart/wealth & depth of knowledge/ eagerness to share/joyousness & ability to connect/powerfulness/learning through your stories


“Until I worked with Susan, I thought I knew a lot about nutrition, but I’ve changed my mind.  She brought a great deal of evidence-based research to bear (in her gentle manner) in creating an individually tailored, easy-to-follow food plan that has forever changed the way I will eat.  The benefits?  Lower cholesterol, increased bone density, and a generalized sense of well-being.  I highly recommend working with her.”
Carolyn C, PA

“Susan Brooks walks the walk. I have observed that since we first met in October 1997 when she was co-teaching a Jin Shin Jyutsu Five-day Class. Five years later I joined her monthly study group. Then in 2009 I added seeing her for individual JSJ sessions, that evolved to include nutrition. Those sessions and the study group have helped me on all levels. Her integration of Eastern and Western approaches to health, her fusion of knowledge and intuition, and her practice coming from her own experience have brought significant changes to my life. I always feel the energy flow harmonizing in me during the sessions, reminding my body how it can feel. Susan’s thoroughness ranges from nudges to explicit directions. For example, she’ll make a nutrition recommendation and then offer a recipe. Her patience is exemplary and she is always encouraging.”
Joe E, CO

“Susan has a huge knowledge of nutrition gained through many years of study both on her own, taking nutrition classes, and consulting with nutritionists.  When she discussed the results of my mineral analysis with me, she had a thorough understanding of the mineral ratios, levels, and their role in metabolism.  She has amassed recipes, cooked delicious food, and has been generous in sharing the recipes as well as the wonderful food!  She has given me many ideas of how to prepare different dishes, which foods would give me particular minerals, and simple and effective aids to digestion.  In her kind way she has motivated me in making positive changes that have made me stronger and improved my health.  I am thankful for Susan’s encouragement and presence in my life”.
Betty W,  MA

Connect with Susan : susan@susanmbrooks.com